Liquid latex gallon

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Gallon Mold Builder - Liquid Latex Rubber

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A latex mold will retain its shape after being repeatedly rolled up and away and turned inside out from an original model or casting — like a glove. Pull original from mold, then place mold back into sand or kitty litter. Allow the combined layers to gradually achieve proper thickness. To remove from clothing, clean with dry cleaning solution.

Gallon Liquid latex

It is an elastic mold rubber and molds are generally thin-walled, strong and exhibit good latdx resistance. Support the mold in a cardboard box as shown and pour in the liquid casting material of your choice. High solid content produces quick build-up. Petroleum release agents will react with the latex mold and destroy it. Mold Builder reproduces fine details, has good elongation and stretch.

Technical Mold builder - liquid latex rubber for making your own molds large and small. How to make your own latfx mold using our Mold Builder - Liquid Galon Rubber Step 1 Although our Mold Builder, liquid latex rubber, is harmless to most surfaces, always test an inconspicuous area first prior to applying over the entire surface. Quick drying, fast build up, economical to use, peels easily form the model, flexible and stretchable, harmless to most surfaces and requires no mold release makes Delvie's Plastics Mold Builder the ideal product. The molds you make from Mold Builder can be used to make seconadrty molds of lifecastings, cast paper, plaster, candle wax, craft soap and casting resins.

Use only dry warm air for drying and curing Mold Builder. Mother support mold option is LLiquid pour sand or kitty litter into a shallow box. Again, use plasticene clay to fill the gap around the edge, giving a good, clean edge to the resulting mold. Once the surface has dried translucent appearance you can apply another coat.

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