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November 20, 2009

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It is important that you have a positive experience. For those patients wishing a hospital-based procedure, we are able to accommodate that request. The Highest Standards of Excellence The Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center is a new facility designed for patient-focused care, personal comfort and medical excellence. Vitale-Lewis to ensure continuity, caring and a team of highly skilled professionals. She has a team of highly trained nurses and technicians as well as a nurse practitioner who was personally trained by Dr. Vitale-Lewis on her techniques and philosophy. They are prepared to answer your questions and meet your needs before, during and after your surgery.

The surgical suite meets the highest standards of medical care, while focusing on your comfort and safety as a top priority.

From the outside it looks like an elegant Southern home from an earlier century. Consultation If you are considering cosmetic surgery, you should be comfortable with the doctor you have chosen. Victoria Vitale-Lewis wants you to know that you are important. She believes that the time you spend in your cosmetic consultation should be both thorough and informative.

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You first option is a complimentary rBeast with the patient educator. This provides you with information on the procedure, estimated costs flordia discussion of finance options. Before and after pictures will be reviewed as well. After you have seen the patient educator, if you feel you are ready to make the next step, we will schedule a consultation for you with Dr. There is a minimal fee for the doctor that is applied towards surgical costs.

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You will get a quote once your surgical plan floroda finalized. We hope that you leave our office as an informed patient, excited about the future and its many possibilities. We lft available for any follow up questions by phone or even for a second consultation gictoria assist you in making your decision. Toledo, the education chairman for vigale-lewis International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, says some women leave emlbourne for cosmetic surgery because certain procedures, such as silicone implants, aren't readily available in the U.

Moreover, the price of a face-lift in some countries can be substantially less than in the U. Of course, I'd never risk my face for the sake of a bargain, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons agrees. The organization urges people to recognize that cosmetic surgery is a serious business and to select a reputable, accredited surgeon, regardless of what he or she charges or where the practice is. Still, if the best cosmetic surgeon for the job isn't close at hand, a patient must travel and cope with all that entails, from getting a pre-surgery consultation to buying plane tickets and finding a good place to stay.

Many plastic surgeons make this easy by handling travel arrangements for their patients. Malcolm Paul, a Newport Beach cosmetic surgeon, often places patients in the homes of registered nurses, where they get round-the-clock attention and care. In a few days, patients are usually ready to check into local luxury hotels.

Vitale-Lewis, who victoroa she has had cosmetic surgery away from home several times, offers customized packages, including accommodations in an oceanfront condominium, meal delivery from nearby restaurants, plane tickets, transfers and nursing care. Any of these places would suit me as a post-op hideaway. And if, for instance, I had an eye-lift at the renowned Ivo Pitanguy Clinic in Rio de Janeiro, maybe I'd feel good enough afterward to walk on the beach at Ipanema. But cosmetic surgeon Paul says it's "hard to enjoy a vacation when you've just been operated on.

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