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O'clock Max MMax - Candi Coffee; Max schedules on her and then goes his pleasure down her favorite until she receives. Phew, she pees for Max. But he feels to stuff his stage inside her pussy with all those relationships still in there.

Later, Isck places mouth clamps on her, forcing open her mouth as hwrdcore pisses down her throat. Planet Max 13 - Jessie Vega; She fjck in between Catalina and Max as they proceed to urinate into her mouth at the same time. Jessie gags at times do to the amount of urine filling her mouth. Max later pisses on both girls. Aick drinks some of Max's urine. Candy is fisted by Max. Later, she is fisted again and starts to piss as he is eick it. Max fists her ass, and she pisses on MMax. To close out the show, she drinks Max's piss as he urinates on her face. Regan says during her scene "You can't tell anyone Max, cuz I'm only twelve and a half years old.

Tipe said it best when he said. Max has subsequently gone on record as saying that he shouldn't have used the line in the movie, as has Regan Starr. Very intense double pussy penetration. I actually thought that Max had squirted chocolate syrup on the girl's ass, until I realized what it was. This is the messiest anal scene I've ever witnessed Max Hardcore Extreme 8 - Candi Lynn: Max pisses in her face. She drinks down some of Max's piss. Max pisses on her pussy and then fists it. Max cums into Jade's ass, to which Anastasia sucks up the jizz through the rectum hose into her mouth.

Jade pisses into Anastasia's mouth. Max Hardcore Extreme 9 - Anastasia Blue; Max violently throat fucks her until she starts to vomit and cry. Max pisses into her mouth in a bathtub. She almost pukes it up. She drinks some of Max's piss.

Max also violently throat fucks her. Max Hardcore Extreme 13 - Sock Max pisses on her pussy and on her face. She drinks hardcoe of his piss. She is fisted by Max. He pees in her face and she attempts to drink some of his piss. Later, Max pisses on Fawna a couple of times. Max also fists her. Max Hardcore Extreme 16 - Kamila; Max pisses into her face. She guck during a forceful BJ. Max Hardcore Extreme 17 - Olivia; Max has her smoke a cigarette while he's fucking her ass. Her pisses on her several times during the scene.

One is while she is being fucked in the reverse cowgirl position. Another comes while she is laying on her back. Max pisses on her face, and on her tits after she sits up. The two come to blows with Max calling her a 'fucking whore', and her storming off the set muttering, "You're the fucking whore Max Hardcore Extreme 18 - Bisexual Britni, Catalina; Max pisses into both ladies mouth, as they piss into a bowl. She pukes violently while getting throat fucked. Max Hardcore Extreme 20 - Sage; Max pisses all over her during the scene, including one while analing her in reverse cowgirl. Also while in the pile driver position. He double anals her with his cock and a huge dildo.

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He pisses on her some more, before inserting funnel into ass which he pisses into. Candi drinks fjck out of her anus through Max hardcore sick fuck tube. Pure Max 4 - Catalina; Cat drinks Max's piss. Pure Max 6 - Jade Marcela. Pure Max 7 - Kristy, drinks Max's piss several times, one time with mouth clamp holding her mouth wide open. She guzzles Max's piss. Pure Max 8 - Valerie Jo; Harvcore pisses on her several times. She drinks his piss. She pisses while Max is fucking her pussy. Sage and Mx start off by giving Max a double blowjob, complete sic, both girls puking on his cock several times.

Max sticks Sage over the side of the couch and gag factor-style throat fucks her until she is vomiting profusely as Max continues to throat fuck her. Catalina next fists Sage. Then as Sage is getting ass fucked, Catalina stuffs her hand down Sage's throat causing her to vomit all over herself. Then, Max and Catalina double anal penetrate Sage using Max's Mad and a huge Mxx. Catalina lights up a cigarette. Sage, who is being DAP'd in the pile driver position suddenly gets puked on by Catalina. Includes her face getting covered in vomit. Then, both girls double suck Max again, with Catalina violently puking all over Max's cock. Max gives both girls a facial as they stuff there fingers down their throat causing themselves to puke even more.

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She uses the rectum device and sucks the cum through a hose out of her ass and into her mouth. Hollywood Hardcore 8 - Claudia Corazon; Max pisses on her face. She's pushing him away and obviously saying no with her face contorted in apparent agony facially she's not too attractive anyway but this makes her look really ugly. He holds her down and continues anyway, at one stage choking her. She seems to appeal to the cameraguy but of course he just continues videotaping. Then Max goes back to vaginal sex and the music dies down and is replaced by the normal human noises.

Hollywood Hardcore 9 - Kerri; Max pisses in her face. She pukes while giving Max a Gag Factor-type blowjob. Max cums into her ass, she squeezes it out of her anus and into a wine glass and drinks it. Hollywood Hardcore 13 - Mrs. Adams is absolutely ravaged by Max including hard anal sex, make-up smearing, a fisting and some piss drinking. She drinks Max's piss a couple of times during the scene. She is a mess by the end of the scene. Hollywood Hardcore 14 - Drew Allen; Max pisses on her face and she drinks it. Hollywood Hardcore 16 - Jamie Lynn; While fucking her in reverse cowgirl, Max pisses in her face.

She opens her mouth a few times to catch it. Maxed Out 1 - Barbie Angel; Barbie is whore who not takes a fisting. Phyllisha pushes it out of her ass and into Shawna's mouth who has been 69ing her. Her pussy is so full, she can't get another marker to fit in there. Max gets so turned watching Blaque masturbate with a pussy full of markers, that he decides that he wants in on it. Incredibly he manages to stuff his cock inside her pussy with all those markers still in there. He does indeed get his cock to fit inside, but can't really fuck her because it's so tight.

He removes all of the markers except for three, and the starts to fuck her. Using her pussy, Max gets her to write 'I'm a little fuckhole' on a pad. Maxed Out 11 - Regan Starr; Max gets her to smoke while he ass fucks her. She drinks Max's piss during the scene. Maxed Out 15 - Alexa Rae; Max pees in her face, and she opens her mouth to catch it. She also pees during the scene. Maxed Out 17 - Jennifer Leigh; Max cums into her ass and then spoons it out. He feeds it to Jennifer. They are both pissing into a bucket. She also drinks Max's piss. Maxed Out 19 - Chloey Adams; Max pisses in her face. She drinks it down. Maxed Out 20 - Olivia; Actress Olivia claimed that she was coerced into sex during this shoot.

All copies of this film were pulled.

She says "no no no no no". Max sort of pushes her mouth towards his cock, but she resists. She then looks up at him and at the camera man, then gives in and does the ass to mouth. It's pretty compelling to watch. I wouldn't say that they forced her to do it, but I think they made it clear that she should. I would think she would have known before hand that ass to mouth was part of the deal, but who knows. There's more to the story here. Later in the scene, Max has her upside down and he's forcing his cock down her throat. After a few minutes of this, she tries to get up and says "that's it, I've had enough".

But Max just keeps going. I have to admit, that was a bit distrubing. Max ignored her when she said she wanted the scene to stop. The only other notable part of the scene is when she says something like "god, I'm such a whore" and looks off the set at the camera people as if she's shocked at what she's doing. Max also pissed on Olivia's face during the scene.

She sixties herself while she is waiting a girl break. Max Kiln Extreme 17 - Maria; Max has her daughter a meeting while he's guaranteed her ass. Max races to it by submitting on her face at the same thing.

Any woman who would do this sick shit is already dead inside. Like most sociopaths, Max's fetishes have grown steadily more disturbing over time. It is speculated that by Max will have become so jaded that he will only be able to get his rocks off by digging up infant corpses and assfucking them in his bathtub while the mother watches. Max has received much criticism for his so-called misogyny. The debate seems to fall into two camps: Feminists and fans of porn that actually inspire erections who would like nothing more than for one of his actresses to finally wise up and say, "Hey, I don't remember being choked into unconscious by your penis while you scream that I'm a stupid fuckbag whore as being in the contract" and cry rape.

This scenario would lead to a series of events that would ideally end with Max's imprisonment and subsequent gang rape by a group of well-endowed Negroes on a daily basis. Basement dwelling year-old wigger virgins who find the word "donkeypunch" funny and tell people who don't enjoy violent simulated pedo rape to "Get over it. It's a free fuckin country. He's my idol, yo. I love how he pwns those ho's!!!!!!! However, in a BBC documentary found much evidence to the contrary. It was revealed that Max's mother was in fact the town whore of Racine, Wisconsinwhich, if you know Racine is like being compared to the town drunk of Ireland. A bitter, angry woman, she would send Max to school dressed in skirts and blouses until the age of ten with the theory that it would teach him to stand up to bullies.

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