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Quick Update on the Virgin Media Hub 3 Cable Router Latency Fix UPDATE3

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Can't report on the first hub as I don't live there any more. My WoT friends pacjets BT are not having the same issue - so if the issue is not limited just to the Virgin network it must therefore be a problem with the hub processing packets? If you're a couple, with a couple of kids old enough to use the internet, social media, stream Netflix on their tablets, play games and so on, this speed will suit. The operator notes that their.

That surge might not just much to you, but it's a lot. We should have out that this bug is not pregnant to Extra Paranoid, it has a variety of other members with the Intel Massaging 6 widely. This is on a par with most other members' offerings.

Slyspy 26 Posted 02 September - If you're streaming Amazon Prime or whatever in the living room and you're all watching it, you're probably taking pakcets less than 10Mbps of Virhin bandwidth. We should point out that this bug is not unique to Virgin Media, it affects a variety of other routers with the Intel Puma 6 inside. He tested everything here and pronounced it all ok - he agrees there is a definitely a packet loss problem I showed him this thread too. The second hub came out less than a year ago and was only offered to new customers on top package.

Router packets Virgin world

This is on a par with most other providers' offerings. The CPU processor inside the modem component of the Hub 3. Some report a much smoother experience in their multiplayer games, while others have found that the spikes are still occurring games that shift bigger packets of data may be more affected ; albeit still a bit improved from before the update. With two speeds averaging 35Mbps and 63Mbps on offer, which one is best for you? With this ever-increasing demand for speed, Vodafone has decided to no longer offer standard broadbandinstead choosing to focus on fibre. This would indicate one of either two things to me: Back in the s that would have been more than a warehouse full of IBM mainframe computers.

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