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Antique Chandeliers

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There is a myriad of antique chandeliers to choose itlaian, a decorative light feature, they may be made from a variety of materials including wood, metal, glass, crystal, brass, silver, bronze and iron. From the 15th C onwards chandeliers became more ornate and complex in their designs and they featured in stately homes and palaces and were symbolic of wealth and luxury.

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They increased in their popularity in the early 18th C and featured increasingly in homes. Antique chandeliers were not originally electric, initially candles provided the lighting, and later gas, gas chandeliers had hollow tubes that made for the arms allowing for the gas to reach the lighting element. Many antique chandeliers have now been converted to electric. The majority of antique chandeliers are made from brass, bronze and crystal.

Ormolu French lamp vintage italian

Victorian chandeliers from the late 19th C are characterised by their very ornate decorative feature, they often feature crystals or glass beads, with curves and scrolls, ialian may also feature fabric or glass shades in their design. Another feature of an antique Victorian chandelier may be the addition of animal figures or foliage on their arms. Desirable chandeliers are Tiffany chandeliers, these chandeliers were produced using stained glass and are considered a work of art in their own right, some of the lamps are shaped to appear as flower buds, there a variety of colours available to fit with differing decors. As are Venetian glass chandeliers highly coveted, which were handcrafted in Venice.

Antler chandeliers were made using either moose, deer or elk antlers, these large dramatic pieces are effective and imposing statement lights. Chandeliers made from wrought iron were popular during the colonial revival period, branches often featured in the design. Empire chandeliers were very intricate, with beautiful crystals and filigrees. Carved stone marble alabaster is solid and elegant finishing, which will distinguish your space. These are unlikely to be found in many homeware stores, since the majority of antiques are only available online or at specific auctions.

If you've decided that the antique marble lamp look is what ormklu want for your home, vinttage are things you should consider beforehand. Where to buy an antique marble lamp The best place to start your search for these lamps is at auctions. Search online to vitage antique auctions in your area. Marble lamps have been very popular down the ages, so you're vlntage to see a few of them when ormklu go almp auction. You don't have to attend all of the auctions in person either, as many of them have online features which allow you to browse what's available and place your bids. In addition to auctions, many websites have unique marble lamps which are old and antique.

You should always look at the delivery options and check that delivery is available to your location. Which size of lamp to buy Since the items can be few and far between, you might not have a huge amount of choice when it comes to the size of your lamp. Most antique marble lamps are around 2 feet tall, although you may come across floor lamps which are roughly 5 feet in height. There are many marble lamps ranging between those sizes too, but which ones you come across is often down to a matter of luck. One of the factors which you should take into consideration is whether you want one or two lamps. If you want two lamps, you should aim to buy two smaller lamps, as larger lamps can soon start to look overpowering if there is more than one.

For a pair of lamps, the average height is inches per lamp. Which shape of lamp to buy There are rounded lamps, square lamps, tall lamps, shaped lamps, and many other designs.

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