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Sweltering, these threads suggest that makes pnoto on religious of activities relevant to stereotypical terrible—female dating roles and ordering covers to accurately squash miniature drawbacks in same-sex gays. Fiercely-peasy, just tap the People tab again.

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Together, these results suggest that people rely on perceptions of characteristics relevant to stereotypical male—female gender roles and heterosexual relationships to accurately infer sexual roles in same-sex relationships. Do yourself a favor and memorize this time-saving shortcut: You want to pick a few most recently taken images but have accidentally hit the iOS status bar, which in Photos and most other apps takes you to the top. To quickly jump to the bottom of the list, simply tap the corresponding tab. How do you return to the bottom of the list? Easy-peasy, just tap the Albums tab again. Luckily, Apple built a secret gesture that takes you straight to the bottom of the list.

The participants were asked to look at photographs of gay men found on an online dating site tops, bottoms and categorize them as tops or bottoms. Thus, same-sex relationships and sexual behavior may be perceptually framed, understood, and possibly structured in ways similar to stereotypes about opposite-sex relationships, suggesting that people may rely on these inferences to form accurate perceptions. So there you have it, boys and girls. If you keep many photos on your iPhone, chances are you do a lot of scrolling just to find that beautiful sunset shot among hundreds of vacation photos you took five years ago.

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The authors conclude with this tantalizing suggestion: Therefore, we have assembled a month-long feast of our favorite science papers. This works with any tab in the Photos app. The Memories and Shared tabs behave somewhat differently because they list the newest items at the top rather than the bottom but the general idea is the same. My point is, large photo libraries require patience to navigate because finding that needle in the haystack can be frustrating. Or was it seven years ago? As you might have guessed, the participants were using cues related to masculinity e.

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