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Nathan Fillion Nails Aria Giovanni in James Gunn's 'PG Porn'

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I, for instance, don't need to wake up at 5: Your MySpace blogs are hilarious. Because he keeps goofing around while I'm trying to get my shots.

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You ate a fly last time we talked [at Comic-Con]. Back soon with more Porn talk! If he sues me with the book, we'd have to recall everything. You have Nathan Fillion back, along with Michael Rosenbaum.

It's only the second time in my life I've made myself vomit. What's fillino with Pets? Yes, I DO very much want my dick sucked by herpes riddled whores. And the books would be ruined! My enemas are just for the pure enjoyment of it. The first time I had food poisoning.

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And really, how could you make PG Porn without real porn stars? After you left the room, I made Nathah vomit. All of us are in the entertainment industry, but the gap between what we do and what they do is so huge -- both in terms of how it's perceived by the audience and in terms of what they actually need to go through to bring something to the screen.

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